Long Summer

February 5, 2010

Stumbling through science

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I loved science when I was in school.  Mostly I loved chemistry.  Physics was ok.  Biology?  Not so much.  My big boy?  Biology all the way.

Luckily I havent managed to kill his love of the science yet. Even tho I cut the cork too thick and broke the dropper (ok, it was already broken, but I made it worse), and snapped at him for every single clumsy thing he did.

looking at cork

We are working through The Microscope Book. This day, we started with the three pieces of colored thread, to demonstrate the depth of field.  It was cool – even Raven looked at that one.  Then we attempted that cork in the picture, which was rather a failure.  But Orion wasnt ready to quit yet. Since I was prepping dinner anyways, we looked at an onion skin – woot!  Long, clearly visible cells!  We didn’t manage to see anything inside the cell wall, probably largely due to air bubbles under the cover.  But still, I apologized a few times and he seemed happy with the microscope lesson!

Not only that, but he still seems happy with Biology: Concepts & Connections  too.  I break it in to short segments for him and assign him videos to explain the concept. I seriously have trouble keeping my eyes on the page.

He says its fine. Go figure.