Long Summer

“Long Summer?” Why?

Why “Long Summer?” Well, its kinda a long story:

Summer of 2008, I was going to be home with the boys all summer, and Heron would be gone for much of it. Oh, Orion did spend 2 weeks at my mom’s, but still, I was nervous about being home alone with the boys. I needed a new computer password, and I chose ‘longsummer’, because I was sure the summer would be painfully long, and I would be wishing that fall and school would come faster!

Well, surprisingly, it didn’t feel that way. Sure the boys got tired of the pool eventually, but I enjoyed them, enjoyed the slower pace, and was somewhat sad when summer gave way to school – Orion, in 7th grade, was taking almost all collaborative classes, a big move for him, and Raven, turning 5 the 3rd day of school, was starting kindergarten.

I never did get around to changing my password. The school year progressed . .. Raven felt dumb because others read faster, but started to understand concepts of negative numbers, multiplication and division (from conversations at home, of course, not from kindergarten!). He was frequently in trouble for not keeping his hands to himself, not finishing his projects on time, and started to say he really hated school. Orion did not do well in his higher level classes, with frequent melt-downs, begging to go to the nurses office, calling me in tears, and even an in-school suspension.

And I pondered, several times a day, what ‘longsummer’ meant to me now. After a while, I thought about my life . . . no longer a spring chicken, just past that hill, but still maybe not quite feeling like I’m in the autumn of my life . . . maybe it was me that was still in a long summer?

And then, the decision to home school became a reality . .. and it dawned on me . . . the long summer between school years! Who knows just how long our ‘summer’ will be, but I hope it’s as sweet and peaceful and rewarding as the summer which inspired my password, now my blog title!


  1. May you have many more years of longsummer.

    Comment by Julie T. Perry — January 11, 2010 @ 6:46 pm |Reply

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