Long Summer

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Cara.   I live in Richmond, VA.  Sometimes I don’t even know who I am any more, so I’ll start with the past (in list format!)

  • I was born in 1965
  • i grew up jewish but now attend a UU church and am sort of atheist
  • I attended 5 colleges, with majors ranging from EE to psych, but never got a degree – CHANGING THAT NOW!!
  •  I lived on a hippy commune for 3 years, in MO
  • When i finally became productively employed, i found my niche in database programming, especially datamarts and data warehouses, using Access and Oracle
  • I have a lot of food allergies, as do my boys
  •  I am now a SAHM, attending WGU when I’m not busy cooking or rewatching star trek

My kids (numbered, for those of us who don’t like counting)

  1. Heron, my first-born and only girl, is 23.  She is living in DE last I heard
  2.  Orion is 19, living at home, working part time and attending community college part time
  3.  Raven, my only child from my second marriage, is 12.  He returned to school this year and is doing well, despite not particularly liking it.

Me and the kids in spring of 08:

Me and the kids September of 2010:

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