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January 30, 2011

A day in the life

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I decided to document a typical thursday in our homeschool.  All times are VERY approximate.

9:15-ish dh and I come downstairs after showering. boys are in pjs playing on electronic media.  dh leaves for work.

9:30 Orion and I eat breakfast and I start checking all my electronic media

10:00 Orion takes a shower and Raven eats breakfast and I continue checking on all my electronic media

11:00 (ok, if I’m feeling really lazy or lots of my friends posted really interesting things overnight, it might be 11:30) I announce its time for school. 
Raven shakes off and sorts placemats from the dining room table, and puts them where they belong. 
Orion removes everything else from the table and I wipe it down.

11:05 (or 11:10 if Raven had a tantrum) we sing a song from our UU songbook

11:10 Orion starts french and Raven and I go upstairs. 
Raven gets dressed and we sit in his bed reading together.  Right now we are going through every book in his shelf to see if we can get rid of some.  Doesnt look like we can!

11:30  I come downstairs and Orion and I start on MCT LA – monday is poetry, tuesday is grammar practice, wed is vocab, thurs and fri are writing. 
Raven has free time to play w toys, pet cats, whatever.

12:00 Raven does Time4Learning (whatever he wants to do there) and Orion and I do math.

12:30 we walk the dog

1:00 we eat lunch.  The kids might watch an educational video during lunch.  Orion might read.  I might be on fb.

(if we are running late, which happens often, first we eat lunch and then walk the dog)

if we aren’t running late, we might do some chores or take a (no video games) break, meaning Orion and I can check fb. 

around 2:00 we go back to the dining room table and read 4 pages (2 spreads) of the Usborne history book together. 

Next, Raven does a half page of handwriting.  we are supposed to do something else after that, but havent managed yet. 
Orion reads a chapter of Story of Science, a chapter of Little History of the World, and a few pages of Asimov’s Chronology of the world.  If he didn’t read fiction during some of his free time during the day, he also reads 30 minutes of fiction.

and we’re done by 3 most days!

Of course, monday and Wednesday we have martial arts at noon, so we skip french and dog walking. Wed afternoon is left free for park day and friday afternoons might be left open for a project of some sort.

Note, when the dining room table looks like this by the end of the day, I feel like we must have accomplished something!!

Dining Room table


  1. dinning table full of books looks more like a busy desk a messy desk is a buzy desk a tidy one maenas theres nothing going on mine is messy you can hardly see it

    Comment by kevin blumer — January 30, 2011 @ 3:39 pm |Reply

  2. Sounds like a pretty good day all round to me 🙂

    Comment by Kylie — February 26, 2011 @ 11:30 pm |Reply

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