Long Summer

January 10, 2011

first week of the rest of your life

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Yeah, that’s a little dramatic.  How about the first week of my new schedule! Or of 2011!

I made my usual new years resolution . . . floss my teeth more often!  But there were other things I just couldn’t bring myself to say out loud.

AFter rereading 2009’s year in review, and writing 2010’s year in review, i saw more clearly how much of the stress of the last two years was about my daughter. She moved out in september, and 4 months out, it’s looking like she is settling in stably to her new home.  So i realized its time to stop living as if I’m in the middle of an ongoing crisis, and get back to business. Over the break, I put together a plan for the first few weeks of our science/history curriculum.  Just before vacation ended, I created a weekly schedule, similar to the one I used when I first started homeschooling. 

Monday was the first day of the new schedule.  And it went pretty well.  We began with a song from a UU songbook, which both boys seemed happy to participate in.  My first day of martial arts after a 2.5 week break didn’t kill me.  Raven’s fear that history would be boring was unfounded, and Orion liked all his books and his afternoon reading assignments went faster than he had expected.

 Tuesday was going well until Orion and I decided it was time to see if a cup of tea would help with his adhd symptoms – several of my friends had had great results.  Instead, he had a major flare-up of his tics.  we had to tweak the schedule and watch a video on egypt instead of doing math.

Wednesday is supposed to be park day, but my new plan is that if the weather is not good enough to go the park, we’ll do board games.  We played a game of States Bingo and a partial game of Equate, which is like Scrabble with numbers.  Very nice. 

Thursday had a late start (because the cat had turned off the alarm) and for some reason, Orion went in to crying/panic mode.  Again we had to shift the schedule around a bit, but again, we got everything done (except math). 

And then there was friday . . . the day that I slept 2 hours later than my usual wake-up time and felt like a zombie.   Finally, I felt there was something our schedule couldn’t quite fix . . . so i declared a sick day.

Overall, having a schedule did make the week go more smoothly. Even on the days that something came up, for the most part I was able to tweak the schedule, instead of giving up.  I felt like we got more done with less stress than we did before break.  Hopefully we can keep this up . . and who knows, maybe I can get back to blogging, too.  But no promises!


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