Long Summer

January 1, 2011

2010 in review

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Much of this year, like last, was focused on family drama and my homeschooling adventures.

My daughter started off the year with a new therapist.  Heron and I both liked her, and I think she helped lower the conflict level between us.   She referred Heron to a new med doctor, who suggested a new med.  However, after a week, it became clear that Heron did not have a cold or a flu, but a whole new bad med reaction.  By march, Heron was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a permanent condition.  Heron had to withdraw from the community college classes, where she was doing so well, and was barely able to fulfill her obligations to earn her high school diploma. 

But don’t think Heron had cornered the drama market!  Orion was banned from having a PC on the network for the entire year, which put a big crimp in home school.  Orion’s tics came back with a vengeance this winter, as well as his anxiety. There were a few days his tics were so bad, he couldn’t hold his head still to read.  He was officially dx’d with Tourette’s by the end of the year, in addition to his previous atypical bipolar and pdd-nos.  He also managed to need stitches  . . . 20 minutes after his step-dad bought him some new woodworking chisels!  After that experience, he went back to his sewing hobby, buying himself a sewing machine with his birthday money . . .and making a LOT of sock creatures!

I had started a blog in the beginning of the year, and was very excited about it for a while, but basically stopped cold after Heron’s dx.  I failed to write about the wonderful Virginia Homeschoolers conference, or about our remarkable visit to the zoo (which involved a monkey stealing a gosling!), or about our summer road trip to Canada to see my in-laws. 

After increasing conflict with my mother and sister over where Heron should live, I put my strained relationship with them on hold.  Heron, of course, finally came up with a workable plan – her bf’s mom in CA agreed to let Heron move in there.  Heron moved out the day of her 18th birthday, September 5th.  I cried like crazy in the airport, and i miss her often, but I am very glad she is where she is. 

Over the summer we got a new dog – Charlie, an 8 yo black lab mix who had been at the rescue organization for 5 years.  As much as he loves me and Orion, he’s nervous around Raven and HATES my husband.  (Well, really, he’s afraid – of men, of balls, of stairs . . . ).  I also ALMOST joined a just-forming home school co-op, but that fell through.

Home school started with a bang – we signed up for a home school martial arts class for the whole family. I find the class incredibly exhausting, to the point where we sometimes have no school for the next day or two after a class, but all of us have earned our yellow belt, and both boys are doing really well.  I feel that, at my age, it’s really important to get in to shape.

Home schooling has not felt as smooth this year.  I scheduled a few field trips with some of my home school friends, and then found out that my best home-school buddy will be leaving the state as soon as he can sell his house.  I’ve been spending more time on Orion’s academic, and struggling hard with math – but making some progress.  But meanwhile, I feel like I”ve been neglecting Raven (and he agrees with me). 

So, I’m hoping the new year finds me able to really create a better home school routine for myself and the boys.  and hopefully my husband will find another job, one that doesn’t give him nightmares like this one does!


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