Long Summer

June 25, 2010

Life grows

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Looking around my yard, I was reminded of how life grows, even when there seems to be no reason to grow, even when the odds seem stacked against it.  Somehow I find this inspiring.

I planted daisy seeds one year, but nothing came up.  2 years later I noticed a plant which I didn’t recognize as a weed, so I let it grow.  3 years later its really flourishing!  (be patient)

These morning glories reseeded themselves from the ones I planted last year.  I love free flowers!   They don’t love the 100 degree heat, tho.  (good things can come without cost)

I planted two of these lovely Echinacea plants, and they’ve taken over my garden!   (sometimes a small effort can grow in to something even more beautiful)

My husband tried to remove this Crepe Myrtle by cutting it to the ground.  Does it look dead to you?  Brilliant!  (can’t stop this bush so easily)

This tree was removed by a professional, the stump ground down.  And its grown back to a 7 foot hight this year.   The gladiola was silent for the six years I’ve lived here, but blooms now that the large tree has been gone for two years.

Life continues, no matter what obstacles come up or how impossible the circumstances may seem.  And it’s still beautiful.



  1. “life will find a way” – John Hammond, Jurassic Park
    (What can I say? I’m a quote nerd.)

    Comment by Obi-Mom Kenobi — June 25, 2010 @ 2:36 pm |Reply

  2. You have a gorgeous garden! I’m always amazed at what appears when light comes to a new section of my yard!

    Peace and Laughter!

    Comment by Cristina — October 9, 2010 @ 3:14 pm |Reply

  3. That crepe myrtle is gorgeous!

    Comment by Jen R. (emeraldsunshine.org) — November 19, 2010 @ 11:03 am |Reply

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