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March 2, 2010

Thank You, Dr Seuss

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Today, in honor of Dr Seuss’s birthday, I checked out Seussville.  Raven was interested, so I brought it up on his computer and he checked out the games. The only game he was interested in was one where you have to write in the words in the word-bubbles on a short (3 page?) video story book. I was shocked – he’s not shown any interest in writing, and the only writing we’ve done is a few pages in his HWOT books where he copies words. (aside from his name, of course).

One thing I found interesting – when his older sister was learning to write (at age 4), she would ask me to spell out the words for her one letter at a time. But this stubborn 6 yo boy, who struck me as more of a whole-word than a phonetic reader, was asking me “what makes the rrr sound again?” “What makes the oo sound at the end of kangaroo?” He did some (typical, awful) phonetic spelling, only asking me maybe 10% of the letters. He proudly showed me the results and noticed that I was thrilled . . . omg I was thrilled! My stubborn boy is writing!

And my big boy is outside trying to build a fort, using power tools. I find this to be a good use of his time – he wanted something, and he’s working hard for it, and not asking for help. This is behavior I want to encourage.

Ok, so the ‘fort’ looks a bit seussical, itself.  But this is the first thing he’s tried to build out of wood and he’s doing it all by himself!

Finally, something that feels like a good unschooling day!


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