Long Summer

February 28, 2010

The ups and downs of this week

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Up – Orion was really good and brave getting the stitches in his finger and thumb.   (and he really liked those new chisels, too).
Down – after being very calm and supportive, mom was in shock for 24 hours


Down – daughter woke me at 1 am, needing me
Up – daughter made it to her 10 am make-up test (she normally wakes at 11) and got an A!
Down – my plans to take the day easy at the science museum were dashed because the science museum was closed
Up – a friend on fb caught me w this info before I got in the car!


Down – Orion was unable to focus and i felt like a home school failure
Up – I asked for support on one of my yahoo groups and TOTALLY felt the btdt love!
Up – when I told the 6 yo the house was too messy to have his friend over, he picked up the tv room and his own room – all his idea!


Down – I was sick
Up – boys didn’t complain at all when I took a 2 hour nap and let them play video games


Up – Orion finally was able to do the chemical equation balancing in his LOF book without me, after watching a khan Academy video (look for a review of them some time soon)
Up – Raven and I completed an animal page – it had been a while and it felt good


Down – park day cancelled again due to weather and stuff
Up – we had a nice time at a different library, and both boys were really engaging with The Story of Us in the car!

Ok, so not all bad, but I’d still prefer less ups and downs and more stable!


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  1. It’s a new adventure everyday isn’t it?!

    Comment by ummtafari — February 28, 2010 @ 10:56 am |Reply

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