Long Summer

February 20, 2010

The joys of an inclusive park day

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I had a great park day yesterday!

Ok, the average viewer might not have seen a great park day. It was only 6 families, I felt sick the whole time, and the kids only lasted about 90 minutes before they were too cold and wet to play in the snow any more. Snow? In mid-february in Richmond, VA? Well, yes.

But OTOH. . . we had 6 families show up to park day in the SNOW in Richmond VA! The weather had been dreadful for the past 6 weeks. Our core group of three had each hosted at our homes once, and we’d gone several weeks without any ‘park day’ at all. So it was wonderful just to meet outside, on a day that almost hit 50 degrees. The grownups stood in the sun, in a patch of clear grass. The kids ran off their cabin fever, threw snowballs, and slipped and fell a lot. Boy, we all needed that!

But its even better than that. This is an inclusive park day group. In the capital of the south.

Many of you understand, but some may not. Being a secular homeschooler, esp in the south, makes you a serious minority. There are many people who are home-schooling for religious reasons, many groups and co-ops which require a signed statement of faith of their members, and even some of the gym classes include prayer.

But I am lucky to live in a large-ish metro area. I am thankful for a state inclusive organization which runs annual home school conferences. I am grateful to have a local inclusive yahoo group which acts as a bulletin board for activities and get-togethers.

Because what makes this day even more perfect for me is when our rare specimen, the home school dad, hears a mom say she is wiccan, and he breaks out in a huge grin. He admits that on his side of town (yes, he drove almost 30 minutes to get here), he has a really hard time finding home schoolers who aren’t conservative christians. Our group includes christians and pagans and atheists, radical unschoolers and classical curriculum pushers, and whatever else in between.  And its all good!

I feel so lucky to have a place to hang out with other home schoolers, in the capital of the south, and feel comfortable.

It was a great park day!



  1. I tend to forget how lucky I am, living and homeschooling in a very mixed community. I’m glad you get to have a similar experience. At our last storytelling meet up, the children brought their sleds along and made full use of the hill behind the library!

    Thanks for the well wishes!
    Peace and Laughter,

    Comment by Cristina — February 22, 2010 @ 10:58 am |Reply

    • I’m not a city person, but I envy many of the things you write about . . . there certainly are advantages to being in a city. Richmond really doesnt count as a city, it just thinks it does!

      Comment by dbmamaz — February 23, 2010 @ 11:05 am |Reply

  2. […] Support groups!  Ok, I havent really found what I think a ’support group’ is supposed to be, but I have found support at local park days and through local electronic groups, and I describe them in my Park Day post […]

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