Long Summer

January 28, 2010

Flashcards on a walk

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Wednesday was a good day, tho I didn’t really notice until i woke up on thursday. Mom needs to open her eyes more!

The morning began auspiciously quiet, with dh sick in bed, and Orion trying to teach Raven how to play chess. The structured part of the day brought fights from the 6 yo as usual, but mom won. First, Raven got dressed by himself when I promised 10 more minutes of free play ONLY if he did it himself. Then he threw a huge tantrum saying he would not do his morning chore (remove place mats from table) or “ANYTHING ELSE FOR YOU EVER”. I took him in to a forced time out, and ended up bringing out the ‘if you wont do anything for me, i might have to send you back to school’ threat. Oh, it broke my heart . .. his shoulders sank and he started silently sobbing. I apologized and assured him I don’t want to, but he has to do SOMETHING for home school.

Orion got set up with his work, and Raven sat on my lap at my computer. I opened up an old daily check list I’d made for Raven, with only 3 items in a very large font. This time, I read all the items on it, and then added more, reading them out loud, until we had all the things we sometimes do for school: math, handwriting, maps (we are doing a Intellego unit study), animal study, time4learning, reading. I printed it out and let him circle the 3 things he wanted to do today. And guess what – he was ready to start right away!

We started with maps, and he ended up coloring a map and then doing more drawing. His sister, who had come down for breakfast, was impressed with the representative nature of his drawings. Then it was time for our morning walk, and I took some math flash cards with us (a hand-me-down from a neighbor). The cool thing, with my oppositional child, is that I could hold out the cards subtly, so that he could see it when he looked up, but I didn’t say “Raven, what is this?”. So he answered them without fighting, until he didnt want to do any more. Felt great!

But this good day wasnt over yet! After lunch (and time4learning) we went to park day. Both boys did well playing with others, finding kids they could talk to AND chase. Orion got invited to play laser tag that evening, with a boy whose family is in the area temporarily, but might stay – Orion is a bit quirky, so finding friends is always a huge win.  Then we listened to the story of Pocahontas on our cd of The Story of Us on the way home.

Yay! With good days like this, I can feel more hopeful about our home school experience continuing to improve!

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