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January 26, 2010

One son off and one son on

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I am ready to give up on eclectic and go full-on school-at-home.  Based on the crazy notion that if our days are stable and predictable, we will be too.  Hah!  Not. 

Today’s plan was a trip to the Virginia Historical Society.  It was recently pointed out to me as both cool and free  I have been lax on finding field trips . . and lax on getting curriculum prepared .. . so Tuesday morning we would discover the historical society. 

Tuesday morning started well enough – I woke up late, but the 6 yo was in a smiley, cuddly mood.  Until I told him it was time to get dressed.  Then he fell apart into a punching, crying, angry mess who couldn’t stop telling me how much he hated me.  The exact same thing happened when I told him it was time to turn off electronics and start our school day.  These melt downs were fairly common our first month of home schooling, but by december they had virtually vanished.  Taking 2 weeks off at christmas, however, seemed to bring them back again.  Monday’s chaos (due to mom having only had 4 hours of sleep) probably contributed as well. 

But I persevered with my plans, hoping that a change of scenery and some interesting artifacts could change Raven’s mood.  Raven seemed interested in the museum . . . for about 3 minutes.  Then he heard kids – a school group.  In fact, two school groups.  Raven wanted to join them.  But they were 3rd or 4th graders, and Raven does NOT have the self control to be quiet during lectures – plus the school groups were giving us rather unfriendly looks.  We tried to head off in a different direction. 

We saw guns, knives, more guns, swords, antique stills and cigarettes, printing presses, a water wheel, mining equipment, giant murals of the civil war (ok, this is Richmond here – capital of the south).  “I want to go home now”.   We saw a fantastic display of arrowheads, indian pottery, a trolley car, a recreation of a dig site (Raven was slightly interested in that one), and mostly, I heard “I want to go home now” interspersed with Orion trying to finish reading plaques and signs out loud.  

We found a recreated log house, and Raven was interested enough to suggest a picture 

I didnt snap when he was distracted, Raven carefully posed this way and asked me to take the picture. Its a good demonstration of his attitude towards the museum.


So finally, we went home.  Orion made himself lunch while Raven threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him play an ‘educational’ computer game he had mastered at age 3.  Finally Orion watched some Horrible Histories on discovery streaming, and Raven invited me to read to him from the story book while he played legos – we read Cinderella, and a chapter of Jungle Story.  As I write this, Orion is at drama class, and Raven is watching claymation videos on youtube, because ‘school time’ is over.  

I take comfort in the fact that Orion’s history curiosity was piqued, the museum is now familiar instead of strange to us, and Raven at least listened to some good literature.  And tomorrow is another day – a day we stay home and just do school until park day at 2:30! 

Oh, no! Another child is about to pass me in height!



  1. Girl, you scared me there for a sec with that crazy talk of school at home, lol.

    Comment by ummtafari — January 26, 2010 @ 5:20 pm |Reply

  2. Actually, Orion is pretty close to school at home – but he helps me pick out the curriculum and right now its extremely light on writing, until we work through some stuff. Raven’s schooling is much more laid back.

    Comment by dbmamaz — January 26, 2010 @ 5:34 pm |Reply

  3. We have that here too to tell you the truth. Yahya is much more of a traditional student than the others.

    Comment by ummtafari — January 26, 2010 @ 5:36 pm |Reply

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